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Introduction by Creator, Producer, and Director Zipporah Hayes:

2020 has truly been a year for all of us. As with many businesses, their annual live music productions took a huge hit as COVID-19 turned the world upside down. But Future American Music Entertainers (FAME) have been leaping over walls and going against all odds with our continued efforts to provide performing arts trainings to South Florida’s youth. I created Entourage Expo to provide my FAME students with a dynamic program of music training, workshops, pre-show events and debut production, as well as an annual showcase. When we were faced with the pandemic and restructuring an entire production, I had to quickly decide whether to postpone this year’s Season Five production, “Timeless” or move forward. I decided to meet the challenge head-on, always having the health and safety of my performers
and crew at the top of my mind. Despite all obstacles, we have successfully conducted countless virtual rehearsals via Zoom. Artists received virtual weekly one -on- one private vocal lessons, weekly group choreography training, industry workshops and more. Local professional choreographers, vocal coaches and music industry leaders have teamed up with them to ensure a successful production. Just like the major performing arts programs, FAME/Entourage Expo filmed our annual production without a live audience and it was definitely an experience we will never forget.


Tonight, the world will see the months of relentless, diligent, beautiful, passionate, and excellent work done by the FAME cast and crew. Prepare your heart and mind to travel in time as you join us in “Timeless”


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